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About Transactional Funding

Give your investments the support they need. This kind of funding is basically for wholesalers. Transactional Funding or “same-day funds”, is very suitable for deals that involve a non-assignable contract held by a bank, or any other situation where more than one transaction may be required to close on a deal.

With our transactional funding options, Finance LLC Lending can ensure sellers and their agents accept your offers when buying residential properties.

Securing a proof of funds is the most efficient way for investor to secure property transactions, and by showing you’re pre-qualified for the amount in question, it can expedite the purchasing process exponentially.

For any transactional funding done through Finance LLC Lending, it pays to be familiar with our guidelines, including:

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  • Transactional funding is available for investment properties only.
  • Funding is available only if needed for 90 Days or less.
  • Funding options range from $150,000.00 to 10,000,000.00 and above.
  • 100% Funding.
  • No full title reports, insurance or appraisals, required!

Knowing the rules and regulations of transactional funding results in an increased trust of other parties involved, and a solid establishment of your abilities as a real estate investor.

For more information, contact one of our skilled loan agents who can get you on the right track towards real estate entrepreneurial success. You can also start your funding application now by filling out the form now.

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